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What is the Red Sand Project?

Red Sand Project is a participatory artwork that raises awareness of vulnerabilities that can lead to human trafficking and exploitation.

How did Red Sand Project start?

The Project was started by artist and activist, Molly Gochman at Art Basel, Miami in December 2014.

Who is Molly Gochman?

Molly Gochman is an artist and activist from Texas, who currently lives in New York City. She started Red Sand Project after studying human trafficking, and learning that awareness is one of the most critical pieces of helping combat human trafficking, a hidden crime. You can learn more about Molly here.

How do you do an installation?

The sidewalk installations are simple. You pour red sand in sidewalk cracks and take a photo of it to post to social media using the hashtag #RedSandProject. That’s it! We also encourage people to use chalk to write the name of the project, to host events, and to generally spread the word about the issue– but that is up to you!

How big is Red Sand Project? Where does it take place?

Red Sand Project installations have taken place in all 50 states and all around the world, in countries such as Germany, Brazil and South Africa. More than 150,000 toolkits have been requested by people of all backgrounds, and our numbers are growing every day. You’re part of a network of thousands of people working to end human trafficking and vulnerabilities that can lead to it. We’re so happy that you’re on board!

Who uses Red Sand Project? Who can use it?

Red Sand Project has been used by people and organizations of many backgrounds — from  students and educators to businessmen to nonprofits, from law enforcement to survivors, from celebrities to parents. We invite anyone interested in helping raise awareness of these issues, in learning more about them, or in getting involved to participate.

Where can I use Red Sand Project?

Anywhere there is a crack or seam in a sidewalk! Check out some images here. There are some beauties!

Do I need a permit? Is it legal?

The red sand we use is just like soil – it’s totally environmentally friendly. You do not need a permit to do it in public spaces like the sidewalk. You may, however, want to speak to folks at the places by which you will be doing an installation in advance. Certain colleges, parks or areas of public domain will require additional permission.

How many toolkits should I request?

It depends on the number of people you expect. We will send sand in several ways for different groups sizes. Please contact us if you have questions while you are planning.  

I’m hosting an event, but don’t have any experience with promotion or design. Can you help?

Yes, we can! We would just need a bit of time to help out. Please contact us if you are looking to do an event of more than 25 people.

How is Red Sand Project funded?

The project is privately funded through other projects. We also hope that participants will contribute to the project so that we can continue to spread awareness.

Is the sand safe for the environment? What about kids?

Yes. Our red sand uses only natural and organic ingredients: Sand (crushed feldspar rock) and color processing (organics pigments and resins). It is safe for children and is non-toxic.

Will the sand stain my skin or clothes?

No. The sand will appear to “rub off” and stick on skin and fabrics due to its extreme fineness. Grains will easily stick to surfaces with moisture, fabric, static, etc. Soap and water is encouraged for easy removal.

Where can I learn more about events or organizations near me?

We do our best to see if there are organizations or events in neighboring areas. Please contact us to see if there are organizations who have done Red Sand Project near you.

Once I finish my Red Sand installation, what should I do?

First, you should take photos and post them to social media! If you don’t use social media, please take photos and send them to us. Then, make sure to stay in touch, tell your friends and learn more about the movement against slavery.

Must I post my photos to social media? What if i don’t use social media?

While we think it helps get the word out, we understand that not everyone lives on social media or feels comfortable using it. You can also email your photos to us at Info@redsandproject.com or just let people know the old-school way word of mouth.

Can I do Red Sand Project again?

Absolutely! Please head back to the toolkit order page and let us know what you’re thinking. If you are planning several events, with more people, you might consider joining our beta ambassador network.

Do you have any publicity tools that I can use?

Yes, we have press release templates, posters and flyer templates that you can use. With enough time we can help you create the piece.

How/should I credit Red Sand Project?

If you are creating a piece of collateral or using a Red Sand Project image, please include: Red Sand Project, #redsandproject, and Red Sand Project Toolkit are trademarks of Molly Gochman. All rights reserved.

I have more questions. Who should I contact?

We will do our best to help! For press and partnership questions, contact Lizzie, and for general inquiries, contact us here.

Some facts about the Red Sand. 
Made from the feldspathic rock family
A known source for producing a natural, non-toxic material completely void of carcinogens like crystalline silica, quartz, tremolite asbestos, and more. The sand also does not contain any nuts including peanuts, gluten, or wheat. 
Colored using organic pigments and resins
Encapsulating each grain with only organic ingredients and processed to sparkling perfection.
Tested annually with safety standards for children
Safe for all ages. Operating in compliance with the following CPSC & LHAMA restrictions:
 i) Lead Content for Children’s Non-metal Products #CPSC-CH-E1002-08 Certification
 ii) ASTM F963-11 Toy Substrate Material Certification
 iii) ASTM D-4236 Non-toxic Certification
 iv) ACMI ‘AP’ Approved Certification 

Total Kits Sent: 217,104

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