Today, 40.3 million people are in slavery. How will you help?

Thank you for participating in Red Sand Project and for taking action against vulnerabilities that lead to human trafficking and exploitation.

Your journey doesn’t need to end here. We’ve partnered with Freedom United, an organization working around the world to fight human trafficking. You can join a global community of people who have taken millions of actions to fight modern slavery. Make an impact in under thirty seconds by signing on to one of the campaigns below.


End child exploitation in cocoa

Child slavery and child labor have plagued the cocoa industry for decades. Join the 175,000+ people to take action and call on the world’s top chocolate companies to take concrete steps to address child slavery and child labor in the cocoa sector. 

Urge California to ensure all workers are free from slavery

Thousands of temporary workers are being trafficked into forced labor in California. Join the 35,000+ people to call on the California State Legislature to amend Senate Bill 477 to protect all migrant workers from forced labor and human trafficking.